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Trap Music

A Dance Crew Like No Other

There's no better feeling than getting lost in the rhythm, movement, and beat of an infectiously energetic song. #THAKREW's ultimate goal is to get people dancing and having a good time. After all, that's what life's about. Get excited!

Dance Music

We describe our music as turn up music — it reveals your joy and gets you moving. We draw our inspiration from inside. As a crew, we believe in living in the moment and feeling the music as it happens. Finger snaps, handclaps, and ground stomps fuel our creativity and allow us to create new moves spontaneously. Freestyle is where it's at. In fact, we frequently create the moves first and design the music around the vibe that our dancing has created. We also draw inspiration from club music and some of our favorite artists, including 2 Chainz, The Migos, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Listen to our new album on social media and join the countless fans that have already discovered the album's feeling of fun and joy that radiates from all eight tracks.

Group of Dancers

#THAKREW At an Event

Dance Videos

You've put in the hours to get your next song ready for release — all you're missing is a video to accompany it. Artists looking to promote their work choose us to create an energizing video of us dancing to their new song. All five of us are heavily involved in both the creation of the video and uploading it to YouTube. Don't miss out on any of our dance crew's moves; check out our dance videos on YouTube!


Be on the lookout for the next #THAKREW dance session. You never know where you'll find us — it may even be as part of a flash mob! Within the next couple years, we are planning to take on the globe as part of a world tour. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our activities.

Be a Part of the Creative Process

#THAKREW realizes that it's the fans that make what we do possible. This is why we are dedicated to including our audience in the creative process. Everything we do is done in collaboration with our followers. We take all our social media feedback and incorporate it into our songs and dance routines. Check out our next dance video and send a reply video back to us. We can't wait to see your moves!

#THAKREW Apparel

Show off your love of the dance lifestyle with a branded T-shirt from #THAKREW. This high-quality shirt is available in adult, youth, and kids sizes S-XL. It features a basic black and white color scheme with #THAKREW in bubble letters.