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Our Story


We invite you to learn all about #THAKREW and how our musical journey began.

Members of #THAKREW

The Early Years

The five members of #THAKREW met as young guys on their high school football team. They were known for their fun and carefree locker room dancing. Making it all the way to the Georgia State Championship gave us our first taste of the spotlight, and we haven't looked back since. Our locker room dance videos quickly became more popular, and soon artists were contacting us to collaborate. We went from watching people on TV to being the people on TV — a truly unreal adventure.

Entering the World Stage

As we've progressed with our passion, we've learned all about combining our love for music with the business world. The next step for us is to make a political statement. We've been seen; now we want to be heard. We aim to spread our positive message and our views on the state of the world. Together with our fans, we know we can change the world one dance at a time.